The Weather Pendulum…. is swinging again


Early Morning, Allestree Lake, Derbyshire

April started with a swing away from Spring with wintery shows and a big drop in the thermometer to some unseasonable lows. Came as a little bit of a shock after such an early Spring that replaced our Winter.

Today it would seem as if it was merely a blip and we will soon have spring back in full swing.  In the woods the first of the Bluebells put in an appearance this morning….OK only 3 or 4 of them…. but it is a start.


There are plenty of Bluebell leaves covering the woodland floor so no doubt the massed displays will soon be with us.

You may well aware of the ‘Fitness’  campaign that we are currently being educated by.  Get out and exercise is the message, walk, run, swim, cycle…whatever it is in theory your choice. But the powers that be don’t leave it at that, for when you protest that you are already ‘exercising’, the retort is ‘well do more… run faster, walk further set and continually strive to beat your personal best’.  Now friends do know I am cynical, and its true, but what they fail to acknowledge is that I am also a Trend Setter….hard to believe but I am.  Trouble is I didn’t know that I was leading the way forward, if  had I would have capitalise upon it.


I am talking about the new fitness fad of “Woodland Bathing”.

It is simple we should all just get out in to the woods and walk…..not only does it do the body good but stimulates the brain and the thought process….  that’s what the to so called experts say.  Put it another way why not….Just go for a walk in the woods. It must work as I have been doing it without knowing for well over 50 years. So lets go Woodland Bathing…

I do feel much better for that woodland walk…sorry Woodland Bathing!

and the weather has improved too

4th April

(C) David Oakes 2019