Sun… Sun and more Sun – its Spring !


The sun woke with the dawn and by 10am it was high, bright and making a statement that it was here to stay for the day.

The day also has a very real Spring feeling to it.  The woods had that distinctive smell that mingled the tang of the dry autumn leaves and the fresh scent of new leaves with the first of the Bluebells. There were also the occasional reminder that whilst we have had a dry mild winter we have had some high winds that caused some damage. But today all was still and the only sound was that of the birds busy singing to mark territories and attract mates.  Yep…its Spring all right.

In the garden the Clematis is starting to flower whilst the last of the Tulips are doing there bit to add more colour to the day…the sun is making them open wide making  a statement to all passing Bees and Insects that they are ‘open for business‘ bursting with pollen and nectar.


But I am afraid the day wasn’t intended for leisurely walks in the woods and listening to the bird calls, more for some serious work…. but not before a welcome cuppa !

The weather outlook is looking good for this Easter break…so lets have some more sunshine

20th April

(C) David Oakes 2019