Saturday Excursion….. Almeria


Saturday Excursion is a very occasional trip down memory lane, to locations that we have only visited for one day, but sufficiently inspired to want to return to visit all the many aspects of the place we missed….today that place is Almeria.


Almeria is an important Andalusian City, the Provincial Capital. Located on the south east Mediterranean coast of Spain.

It is dominated by the Muslim Citadel of Alcazaba with its protective walls encircling the landward side of Almeria. Like much of southern Spain the North African influence has shaped its history, culture and architecture.  To day Almeria is a bustling city mixing both the old with the very new. High rise buildings seem to offer the same rugged skyline that mirrors that of Alcazaba. Narrow streets, busy courtyards, hidden Cathedrals and modern shopping streets all blend seamlessly together. It is all as peaceful as any busy city can be, it does though hides a past that has been far from peaceful. Earthquakes, Civil War, Religious Invasions and World Wars have all violently scarred Almeria.  There is still a network of underground tunnels and caves where folk sought refuge

Today Tourism is an important commercial asset for Almeria but perhaps not as important to the Cities economy as the vast area of Greenhouses, I believe well over 100,000 acres, growing fruit and vegetable for shipping all over Europe. You could probably call it the ‘veg basket of Europe’

So here is a very short whirl wind trip round Almeria which I hope gives you a flavour of the City and its coastline

It was certainly an action packed day, but with a glorious sunrise to the Mediterranean day at Almeria  we knew it could only get better


25th May

(C) David Oakes 2019