June is ‘Busting Out’ and that’s a Fact…..


When we left the Derwent valley reservoir’s on Monday evening it was apparent that some stormy weather was heading our way and indeed it did. June burst out with torrential rains and thunderstorms. Whilst we appear to have escaped the worst there are folk not that far away who have been flooded out.

That was Monday evening and after going to bed with thunder ringing out we expected to wake to a very wet Tuesday.

Not so…. the sun shone. We thought we would take in the River Derwent for our walk keen to see how the rains had effected it. Much to our surprise water levels were just about normal with the river running smooth but a little turgid. In fact the banks side flowers were set off wonderfully by the back drop of the water.  All in all a pleasant riverside walk a stones throw from the City Centre of Derby.

 By 7pm it was back to heavy rain and thunder once again.

Wednesday turned out to be dry, a chance for everything to dry out again after last night rains. The sun never really broke thru but for all that a pleasant day.

The Lake was smooth and tranquil in the early morning light with the bankside foliage holding onto to raindrops.


But not all in Nature is idyllic.  This pair of Canada Geese had 5 goslings, now they are just 2.  What happened to the other 3 I know not.  The parents have been attentive, all 5 looked identically healthy and were of a good size…. so who or what was the culprit we are left to ponder….


Good Luck little ones its a tough old world…. and a topsy turfy one.

20th June

(C) David Oakes 2019