CEE Black & White Photo Challenge – Made of Wood


Still Standing…..

Despite being battered by North Sea Gales and other North East Scotland’s weather hazards, this old fishermen’s shed is still standing and very much still in use.  Marvellous the durability of wood.

Just an idea for this weeks Cees B&W Photo Challenge on the nominated topic of ‘Made in Wood’….. so here is one more nautical ‘wooden’ image of an old Trawler.

High and dry

But I cannot miss the opportunity to show this image ones again…


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23rd August

(C) David Oakes 2019

Flippant Friday….. Rain or Shine

Brolly Mania q

Friday and a Bank Holiday weekend ahead of us here in England.  The forecasters predict high temperatures as high pressure moves in but also show rain clouds scurrying across the country….. they say you will be unlucky if you do ‘catch’ a shower.

So best take a brolly with you…. for the sun or rain 🙂

23rd August

(C) David Oakes 2019