It has been HOT….as the Topsy Turfy weather continues to fluctuate….


Early dawn and a glow over the lake, the start of another record breaking high temperature day….33c was our highest but felt much hotter.  I have commented before that this years weather, moving dramatically from hot to wet and back again, has had some ‘unusual’ effects on our plants and trees.  Some have suffered yet many seem to have over indulged and spread like the proverbial wildfire.


The heat has encouraged the growth, growth that then seemed to have been wilting in the dry, has just bounced back with the rains. Nearly the end of August, by now many of the leaves would have lost the bright summer green with the familiar sparkle, would be turning to a dull darker green.  Not this season…you might even say we still have those ‘Spring Greens’.

But that aside, elsewhere we have fruit that is ripening, berries in profusion, flowers turning to seed, spiders and their webs are now more common.  With the days that are now noticeably getting shorter, it is definitely what one would call ‘back endish’.  All in all it does make for some great days to explore the woods and enjoy the countryside….

The woods give shade, the lake a cooling mood, but the overwhelming sense is one of the many smells of  trees, leaves, fruit and flowers add the heat from the meadow grasses confirm that harvest should be well underway….


27th August

(C) David Oakes 2019