Gosh…. nearly Halfway thru September



Early Morning, Allestree Lake, Derbyshire

Nearly, but not quite, at the halfway point of September yet it only seems like yesterday that we welcomed its arrival.  This morning we have grey skies with the occasional splash of sunshine, sunshine that seems to seek out the early autumnal colour that is gradually creeping in.

Our weather forecasters tell us we are due a mini heatwave over the coming weekend and next week.  If it comes about then I reckon it will speed up the approach of autumn proper. (looking out my window at this moment the chances of a heatwave look doubtful….but who knows).  Till then we can watch the changes as they happen….

The Squirrels have also been busy tackling any early falling conkers.. full tummies are needed prior to the colder weather


13th September

(C) David Oakes 2019

2 thoughts on “Gosh…. nearly Halfway thru September

  1. I had to chuckle a tad at your phrase of “occasional splash of sunshine” because it reminded me of something I hadn’t thought about lately. Years ago, we lived in the Pacific Northwest U.S., specifically in Portland, Oregon. Weather there is very rainy, overcast days often and television weather announcers would forecast “sun showers today!” I had never lived anywhere with similar weather conditions and haven’t since either, especially now that we lived on the other side of our country. Right now, we’re having a little heat wave over here during the daytime, but evenings cool down. Another sure sign of autumn.


    • My turn to have a chuckle!…..’sun showers’. Now that I have to store in the memory bank. Our weather sounds much the same as yours. Today has been higher than normal but now as evening arrives the thermometer is plunging (well in comparison to lunch time that is) 🙂

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