A mix of summer and autumn weather for the middle weekend of September


Saturday was just fabulous, warm, no breeze and sunny.  The low sun shedding shadows that get longer each passing day.  The woodland canopy just a little thinner than last week.  The Ferns and bracken now drying and soon will turn to a crisp brown that will rustle in the winds to come.

Whilst Saturday was perfect all day, Sunday alternated in virtually a blink of the eye, from sun  to dull grey,  in a cycle that continued till nightfall (then it rained).  Overall a relaxing weekend,  it was good to get out and about observing the small changes in the countryside and garden.

In the garden Tortoiseshell Butterflies are having a feeding frenzy on the Sedum sharing the nectar and pollen with Bees and Hover Flies…its a busy spot.


  Now we all know the saying ‘here today gone tomorrow’ ..well how about ‘here yesterday gone today’ ….  Both the Rose and the Blue sky!

At least Sunday finished with what looked like the making of a nice evening, bright and encouraging as it was… it didn’t last.


I wonder what the weather has instore for this coming week…will it be more of the same or the start of a real shift into autumn…..who knows, not me.

16th September

(C) David Oakes 2019