Moody Monday…. and Back Home!



I really have no excuse to feel moody after two weeks in Northern Norway enjoying some fantastic sunny weather (well all but one day which was admittedly rather grey).

There were many highlights on this trip but I guess it is the Aurora Borealis that topped the list.  It was also a real first… we set off late in the evening. 10 of us squashed in a mini bus with a knowledgeable local guide chasing the Northern Lights.

Our driver and guide took us to Sorfjorden in the Stordalstrand area and with a back drop of the Lyngsalpan (Lyngen Alps) we were let loose with our cameras. The Aurora Borealis played their part and put on a great display….so good that we were more mesmerised by the beauty of the light show that our cameras were very much a secondary interest….. here are a few more images I managed to record…



I have never had the opportunity to photograph the Aurora before, so it was very much trial and error but also fun.  But as it was well past my bedtime I am rather pleased with what we did capture.  As for the cold…well we didn’t notice that.

More Norway pics to come, as there was so much to capture, it will take a time to sort and edit them all. At least I will be able to rekindle some great memories of beautiful locations.

7th October

(C) David Oakes 2019