A near Perfect Autumnal Day


A double jolt to the system yesterday.  First we had the ‘joy’ of putting our clocks back 1 hour. Then we had the welcome surprise of a bright blue sky and some bright autumnal sunshine…. there had been times this last week when I did wonder if the rains were ever going to stop, but someone eventually managed to turn the tap off!

So it wasn’t a day to be wasted, the outdoors called.  Destination was to be Stanton Moor our favourite stretch of open moorland, ringed with birch and covered in heather and bracken…. the bracken right now a rich autumnal gold in colour.  Bright as the sun was it did little to take away the chill of the mornings breeze…. and all the fresher and invigorating for that.

 From now on, for the next few weeks, the days will be getting noticeably shorter as we head for the Winter Solstice.  So recognising this fact we stopped and paid our respects to the ‘Nine Ladies’ in their Stone Circle.  This morning all was calm and peaceful and the circle glowing bright in the low sun. Come the Solstice it will not be so quiet,  a good few folk always come to mark the passing of the solstice and to welcome the winter.




 A few more days like today will set me up nicely for whatever winter has to throw at us.

28th October

(C) David Oakes 2019