More Colour…. but it is going to fade away fast


I think this is a Rufus Oak (some say Red Oak) not one of the traditional English Oak trees…. but still very welcome for is big bold splash of autumnal colour.

The autumnal change of colour is gaining pace but it has still not been adopted across the woods where green is ‘hanging on in there’


With a bright sun hanging low in the skies casting long shadows. all the colours be they green or all the shades of red and yellow thru to gold, say clearly that autumn has arrived…. and for a short while we can get out and enjoy.  The best tonic before the approach of winter.

 And should you feel like pausing to sit and enjoy the wonders of natures colour pallete then take a seat, soak up the suns energy and just relax….


1st November

(C) David Oakes 2019