The new Month brought with it a Change


November and a change in the weather….. just as we were getting used to warm autumnal sunshine that brought out the autumn colours, we get rain.

The day started very wet and dark, then turned to drizzle that wets absolutely everything, creeping beneath your colour. But even in the dark of the woods the leaves of some trees seem to radiate light, well they do brighten up the occasional dark corner..


But out in the open the morning proved to be rather bleak.  The wizened Old Oak in Furlong Meadow always stands fast against all weathers…


It was just after lunch that the day (for a short while) woke up, though the sun was reluctant to come out to play.    A brief respite from the rain that is forecast for the weekend…and possibly high winds approaching gale force.  That will not worry the Ash as it has all but lost its leaves overnight.  Others fight on bravely surviving for a little while longer..

Then just as quickly rain returned…..


2nd November

(C) David Oakes 2019