A very different day today…. winter approaches


Yesterdays heavy rains that lead to some flooding have passed (for the time being) but it has left us with a very different day today.  Cold, misty and of course damp…. yep, winter is starting to make it clear that it is on the way.

9th November

(C) David Oakes 2019

A Change…. something on the bright side!


A glowing Sycamore

I think I have mentioned before that this autumn is again late in coming and again different in hue.  Sycamore (a much maligned tree in our part of the world), whilst not the first to shed its leaves is usually an early faller.  But not this year.  Those golden leaves of autumn are hanging on in there, radiating a glow across any dark woodland glade.

It is the gold of the Beech that is the usual staple of autumnal colour in our woods, not  this year, apart from the occasional star, they seem just content to drop everything.  Some brave younger Beech are still doing there best to put on a show…


Even the Oak is adding an extra bounce to its autumn colour with some big bold statements of intent…


 All this was yesterday, Friday a day that turned out to be a bonus day of sunshine after days of heavy rain, rain so heavy that some are enduring the trauma of floods.

I guess this is a pause before more winter weather arrives and with it frosts, frosts that will make a big impression on the woods.

So with that very much in mind it was best to take advantage of the day and enjoy some time in the startling autumnal sunshine….

Sycamore - Copy

9th November

(C) David Oakes 2019