Cees Fun Foto Challenge – RED


An Iconic RED British Post Box…here located in the side of a Lakeland building.

Just an idea for this weeks CFFC.  The link to Cees site is here :-



19th November

(C) David Oakes 2019

It might be the last of the Autumn….


Early sun…and more than a few folk out enjoying a breath of fresh autumnal air, with their dogs, for a morning walkies.  Shadows are both dark and long but once one is in the open that autumnal sun is stark and bright.

Many trees have now lost the leaves and with them the colours of autumn.  Thankfully the Oak is making up for them with bold splashes of gold and brown, they will loose their leaves slowly over the months ahead, some hanging on till spring arrives and the new buds push the old leaves off the branches.


The adjacent River Derwent that has been in flood, causing much stress over the past few weeks, has now dropped back just a little.  It is still running high, fast and rather murky so yesterdays and today sun giving a dry spell much welcomed by those in the flooded areas.


11th November

(C) David Oakes 2019