Cees Black & White Photo Challenge – Animals and Pets


Who’s a Beautiful Girl then  …?

Well you are not the only one with BIG Horns…in fact mine are bigger than yours…


and if I had a Hair Cut you could find me much more appealing….


But what about my Curves, now that it was I call a horn…..


OK you Guys and Girls just step aside for the Monarch of The Glen…

Just take a look at my Antlers…now ain’t they something…..


A light hearted look at this weeks B&W Challenge from Cee.  The link to her blog is here:-



13th  December

(C) David Oakes 2019

As good as it got…….

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Beauty in Leaves…even when they are saying goodbye

A bright start but in reality just a brief splash ….. after that the only splashes were of rain and very heavy rain at that.  Yesterday the river was already high and this rain is heavy enough to create some more floods.

I do hope it isn’t going to be Friday 13th curse for those still recovering from the last floods.

13th December

(C) David Oakes 2019