Silent Sunday…… It all happened here


Lindisfarne Abbey, Holy Island, Northumberland

These rather grand ruins dominate Holy Island off the Northumberland Coast.  Travelling there is rather dramatic requiring careful checking of Tide Tables before crossing a narrow causeway only passable at low tide….but its a journey well worth the effort.

Lindisfarne was one of the most important centre’s of Christianity in the north of England.  Records go back to 634 and Saint Aidan.  There were other notable religious figures apart from Aidan associated with the monastery, Finian, Bede, Eadbert and Cuthbert.  It was during this period that the famous Lindisfarne Gospels were written and illustrated…..these are now in the safe keeping of the British Library, London.

Also of note in its history is the violent Viking raid of 793.

Then by 1093 the Normans re-established the Benedictine Priory.  Move on to 1596 and to Henry VIII and trouble once again with his dissolution of the Monasteries after which  parts of the Abbey were destroyed.

Thankfully today it is protected and a joy to explore, be in awe of its scale and imagine just how magnificent this building once was

15th December

(C) David Oakes 2019