Monday…..and after what has been a turbulent week in UK Politics, lets hope for some Peace


May be the message on this Christmas Card of circa 1905 is perhaps very appropriate for the here and now.

We here in the UK have experienced the very worst of British Electioneering. Nor does it matter which Political Party you supported they all told lies, twist truths and traded insults.  If Brexit hadn’t already divided communities, this Election did little to heal the wounds.  But its over, and I just hope that Peace and goodwill to all will return to do what the Politicians failed to address… and that is to provide stability and hope.

But enough of Politics….lets try and put you in the Christmas Spirit, after all there is only 9 days to go before Santa arrives….

 The Season of Goodwill to All approaches,

So lets all of us hope for…


16th December

(C) David Oakes 2019