Burns Night…….

January 25th 

The Birthday of Robert “Rabbie” Burns.  Born in Ayrshire Scotland in 1759 he became know variously as the Ploughman Poet, The Bard of Ayrshire and proclaimed by many as the Poet of Scotland.  Always close to his country life heritage much of his work reflected the love of nature and country life.  A short life as Burns died in 1796 but a life packed with literary achievements, achievements still recognised today with lines such as…

Love is like a Red, Red Rose

and of course the words everyone knows…. Auld Lang Syne. 

(Burns Birthplace and the Burns Memorial Garden, Alloway, Ayrshire)

Rabbie Burns Life is celebrated tonight, the 25th of January known also as Burns Night, not just in Scotland but in Scottish communities far across the World. Celebrations that often centred around a Burns Night Supper…. with of course Haggis, tatties and neaps.

So I lift a glass, a wee dram to all my Scottish friends far and wide….

Burns Dram

Amang the trees, where humming bees,
At buds and flowers were hinging,

R. Burns

25th January

(C) David Oakes 2020

The Mist has gone…its warmer BUT the mist has been replaced by lingering Fog


The weather forecaster tell us the weekend will be better…maybe even some sun. But in the meantime we have been left with fog.  Fog that lingers all day creeping damp cold into all the bones.


Fog does have one benefit…it smothers most of the sounds of daily life.  Distant rumbles of traffic are no more, the sound of planes heading north and south pass silently.  But very strangely the sound of the birds across the woods seemed amplified…. and no its not my imagination that bird song sounds very much like the song of Spring.

So until that promised sunshine arrives we just have to enjoy the ghostly skeletons in the wet clouds….


And as dusk falls the fog just gets thicker


25th January

(C) David Oakes 2020