Two Consecutive Sunny Days……


In a winter where heavy rains, dark grey skies and high winds have dominated one can be excused for bragging about two consecutive sunny days.

March has started well and it has been a joy to explore the woods without the encumbrances of heavy waterproofs.  True we still needed a warm fleece but with a temperature of 10c it felt very spring like.

Not to many real signs of spring across the bare woodland but surprisingly little damage following the series of storms that have raced thru our lives. Winters ravages have past without too much drama.

Daffodils are staring to spread whilst Snowdrops are starting to fade.  Bluebell shoots are becoming obvious, though they will be a few weeks yet before they flower.



It is nice to see light reaching the woodland floor with trees stretching away into the distance…. soon the Leaf canopy will cast its dark shadows.


3rd March

(C) David Oakes 2020