Friday Trivia……. Flamboyant


A Peacock displays his magnificent fan of iridescent feathers…. all set to attract the ladies.

Peacocks have long features in art from the very earliest of times.  For many the display is  a symbol of Joy, Creativity and new Life. Many countries around the world associate the Peacock more closely with their Religions, often seen as a sign of Immortality (the Greeks used to think the flesh of the bird would not decay). Else where the Peacock is recognised as a Guardian of Royalty.

The feathers have been used as  Fashion accessories over many centuries, perhaps because the closely represent the bright colours of a rainbow.

But some folk are not so sure about the Peacock and would consider a Peacock Feather as a sign of bad luck, the bringer of misfortune and even an all seeing eye…. maybe the circular disks are rather eye like and with so many on display, they certainly would be ‘All Seeing’.

AND Just to cheat I have spotted that Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge if for an image ending with the letters…… OCK

So very much with tongue in cheek here is my submission for this weeks B&W Challenge

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6th March

(C) David Oakes 2020