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Heage 6 Sail Windmill, Derbyshire

Windmills were common over most of our countryside.  Wind power to grind grains to  make Flour or perhaps to  pump water in wetland areas. Today they are magical features evoking nostalgic memories of days and a way of life long gone….

Marsh Mill, Thornton, Lancashire. L

A 4 Sail Windmill, Marsh Mill, Thornton, Lancashire

Today we cover the same landscape with another form of windmill which we now call Turbines….and I guess the only real difference (apart from that these are used to generate electricity) is that we group them together in what we call ‘Wind Farms’….. maybe that is to add some romance to these modern triffids….


Hopton, Derbyshire

(look carefully and you can see the remains of a stump of ‘proper’ windmill)

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10th March

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