Cees Black & White Challenge – Tables, Chairs, etc…..



Time for Dinner…

This weeks B&W Challenge Cee has nominated the topic of Tables and Chairs….. everyday items.

So here are a few suggestions for the Challenge…from the Luxury of a Stately Dinning Rooms all precis with perfect table settings….. to the more lowly but very welcoming Kitchen Table…


Then of course there are more humble forms of seating.  Here is a reminder of School Rooms of a previous era with there very humble and very hard Benches…


Then there is the holiday favourite … the Bench on the Promenade with a view over the sea, this one turned into a unique Art Installation….


Buster loves his comfort and after a long walkies an easy chair is the perfect spot to chill out in the sun…


Finally here is a Bench in a setting, that with these milder winter winters, we haven’t seen for three years now….. but in the summer sunshine it is one of my favourite places to ‘rest awhile’…..


Why not join in the Challenge, it is a bit of fun…and right now we could all do with as much fun as we can muster.

The Link to Cees Blog is here:-


Have Fun and Stay Safe….


13th March

(C) David Oakes 2020