Strange times and strange weather……


The morning walk was unusually quiet, the occasional dog walker… all of us keeping our distance. As for the day itself it was rather grand.  Lone skeletons of winters trees seemed even more stark.  Elsewhere signs of springs arrival are becoming more obvious. The first early buds of Blossom are starting to burst. Along with the Crocus, Lilly of the Valley are sending up lush green leaves, even the Aspen has some swelling buds atop its tracery of branches.  It is a rather nice seasonal mix that can only get better..

Just to prove that Spring is nearly here  I came across this Camelia bloom, I hope the first of many more to come….


Spring may well be on the way but those colourful signs of autumn are still to be found.


Buster was just content to sit in the sun and count the squares. As for that sun well it was rather warm.  In the shelter the thermometer read a pleasant 14c.


14th March

(C) David Oakes 2020