Silent Sunday……. So Off to Church


The Shrine to Miss Dolores de Ybarguen.

This Shine can be found high above the now long gone Errwood Hall on the Cheshire Derbyshire border.

It is a strange and sad story as to why there is a Shrine to a Lady from an Spanish Aristocratic family so far from her home.  Miss Dolores was in fact the Governess to the children of the Grimshawe Family who lived in Errwood Hall.  Dolores also acted as Teacher to the local Estate School.

Sadly she died in her 40’s, not at Errwood, whilst on a Pilgrimage to Lourdes.

It is testament to the high regard with which the Family had for their Governess that they arranged for this Shrine to be erect to her memory. It was erected in 1889.  The house is now only a ruin, the estate a country park in the Peak District, but the Shrine is still maintained to this day.

The Shrine is always open and still regularly visited, a place for peaceful, private contemplation…..

15th March

(C) David Oakes 2020