Memories of the Scottish Coast……


Chanonry  Point Lighthouse, The Black Isle, Scotland

This rather squat Lighthouse is located on a short peninsular of land that pokes out defiantly  into the Moray Firth.  It is located on an even bigger peninsular, known as the Black Isle, and is situated between the ancient Abbey town of Fortrose and the enchantingly named village of Rosemarkie.

More often than not the Lighthouse is pictured with the waters of the Firth, for me I just love the walk along the sand dunes that edge Rosemarkie Bay, whilst watching the lighthouse intriguingly getting closer.  In the early morning light it is rather a special place.

It is also a special place for Dolphin Watching.  At the Point the waters of the Firth narrow, then at times of tide change, when the Salmon are running, its is feeding time for the Dolphins.  Now I do wish I had a photo of the magical acrobatic antics that I have seen….but sadly, although the Dolphins have performed for all those watching, I have singularly failed to get a shot.  Never mind it is an excuse to get back and try again…someday.

As for the Black Isle, it is far from being Black, it is in fact a very fertile area of agricultural land, edged on two sides by two great waterways, The Moray Firth to the south and the Cromarty Firth to the north. Not sure where it is?…   well locate Inverness on the map of Scotland and look towards the north East.  Worth discovering.


Corvid news got worse yesterday.  The new restrictions has brought home the reality to just about everyone.  It is here for the long-haul.  At least I can get out with Buster for a careful walk for exercise for awhile, not sure how long.

If what we see on the news is correct, I do find it rather strange.  Here in the UK we are supposedly panic buying Toilet Rolls whilst in parts of the USA they are panic buying guns.

Stay safe and think of others…. help if you can

17th March

(C) David Oakes 2020