I find it rather Ironic…….


St. Edmunds Church, Allestree

Some more Spring cheer this morning as I past the local church…. I do find it rather ironic, that after such a wet hard autumn and winter we now  have some warm sunny spring weather but also restricted access to the countryside.

Best not complain as I am allowed out at the moment for exercise, much to the relief of Buster.   Even so it does take some getting used to.  Everywhere is so quiet, a few folk out exercising, all keeping more than the required safe distance….. still near enough to shout a passing cheerful greeting, something we normally take for granted, but in this current setting now seems a very valuable touch of friendship and normality.

With next to no one about I took a detour through the old village.  Spring flowers and shrubs are coming into full colour and the Magnolia buds are now starting to burst

Once we reached the Park we could stretch our pace out a bit to fully enjoy not just the fresh air but also the that feeling of freedom that only open spaces can give.  This open space is very near the City, just on the outskirts, yet with so few folk about you could well have been miles away in the Peak District.


Even so it is strange to view a familiar local area bereft of people….


This spell of fantastic Spring weather, we are told, will last for possibly 2 more days….then its a return for awhile to wet wintery weather

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

25th March

(C) David Oakes 2020