Silent Sunday…… So Off to Church


St Dubhthach’s Church, Kintail, Scottish Highlands

This lonely ruin is located in the most lovely of Highland settings.  At the foot of Glen Shiel above Loch Duich were the Strath Croe flows down from Kintail into the Loch.

I am told the original church was dedicated to a little know Saint…. St. Duthae of Dubbthach thought to have died circa 1065ad.

Today this looks a tranquil place, but in the early 1700’s it was right in the middle of the Jacobite fighting in the area, notably the Battle of Glen Shiel of 1719.  The church was then used as a makeshift Field Hospital to treat the wounded. Following these hostilities the church was burnt down.  Later repaired in 1836 and rebuilt 1856. but soon fell again into disrepair.

It has through the centuries been the Clan Burial Ground for the Chiefs of the Clan Macrae.  

St Dubhthach’s Church may well be a ruin but still a place to explore and enjoy some peace from the world around.  It is also little known, yet sits on a small hill just above the busy A87, a road  travelled by thousands each year as they trundle along on ‘The Road to the Isles’.…. Isle of Skye of course. There isn’t a better place to pause on their journey.

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

29th March

(C) David Oakes 2020


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    1. If this was a castle it would be described as a defensive position. Sadly as they found, as it wasn’t built as a castle it suffered from bombardment from boats on the Loch below during the Jacobite fighting, so suffered extensive damage.

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