It all moves along…..


What a difference a couple of days make at this time of year.  Spring can at times move at the speed of an express train.


Earlier in the week, I was saying that the Silver Birch seemed to be hanging fire.  Lots of buds forming at the tips of the fine branches, but nothing else. But today the Silver Birch sports some brand new spring green leaves….


The Birch has a grand view over the Golf Course, obviously no players able to enjoy this spring sunshine.  Like the rest of the Park it is deserted…


All seems strange… This is Saturday morning, usually the Park  on such a sunny day would be busy with folk out and about.  But even though we are allowed out for exercise I have seen only a handful of  people, all keeping their distance, selecting a line of travel that diverges from others.

Now is the time we should start to enjoy carpets of Bluebells across the woodland floor.  One of the nicest sights of spring.  The first blue flower heads are now starting to appear.  They have been in hiding, sheltered by bushy rich green clumps of  leaves.  Stems are  gradually extending,  bearing the delicate bells at the tips.  There are only a few early starters today but over the week they should multiply at a pace….  these front runners are a very welcome spring arrival.



Magnolia come in a wide variety.  Until now it has mainly been the smaller more delicate trees and flowers that have had bursting bud.  So it is now the turn of the bigger buds many with a bolder colour pallete….


With all the new growth you do feel, that despite everything else that is happening in our world, Spring is here and with it hope.


Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

11th April

(C) David Oakes 2020


A Rather Good Tune……



Never too young to start Busking

It is a holiday weekend, normally we would be away….but in todays world that ain’t happening…… but is does make one remember past holidays and events….and this memory came back to me.

Some years ago, I was in Fowey, Cornwall, standing in the square, just looking about like one does in an unfamiliar holiday destination.  Amongst all the holiday Folk, one little lady came striding confidently through the crowd.  It wasn’t the purpose with which she walked or indeed her blue hat, nor her rugged well worn leather jacket , that caught my attention.  But it was the children’s chair hooked over one shoulder whist she clutched something in her other hand. The determined direction of her travel was clear but where to  exactly and what for.

She picked a spot.  With very deft movements, she set down her chair, spread the jacket on the ground, placed what appeared to be music on the floor in front of her….then started to play her Recorder.

Her music was a surprise, indeed surprisingly good.  Good enough to attract, as you can see, many contributions from the appreciative crowd,  a crowd that kept increasing.

Where she came from or what she was called I have not a clue.  She was confidently on her own.  When I was passing again later she was still ‘busking’ away with enthusiasm and the pile of pocket money increasing!

Just a little incident that evokes happy memories.

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

11th April

(C) David Oakes 2020