Honey Suckle and Roses…… it feels like summer



It is hot, heading for 28c!  It really does feel as if Summer is on the way.  Roses and Honey Suckle add their scent to the warmth of the day.

We did also get  what had become a rare sighting……  Vapour Trails in the morning air.


We do live a little way from East Midlands Airport.  It is a Air Cargo Hub and we are still aware of a flights on their approach and departure from the airport, they have never stopped   But during the day it has been rather quiet….until today.  High level flights have been passing through the day, leaving behind their trails,  trails that roll together to form drifts of clouds…..not sure I want to get used to that again.  The clear blue skies have been a bonus.

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

20th May

(C) David Oakes 2020