Thunder….. Sunshine…… Thunder


As the sun went down yesterday evening the Thunder Clouds gave us some dramatically creative shapes…..  the warning was there as they built up a massive thunderhead.  But  rather surprisingly it passed us bye.

So Sunday brought a misty start but  another humid sunny day.  The roads seemed very busy so we stayed local.   No hardship as the meadows and the woods gave variety to the days walk.  As for the garden, well the insects were very busy, making the most of the warmth to stretch their wings…. 

Apart from the roads being busy, so was our local park.  Car Park bursting, crowds covering the main fields far busier than I can ever remember.  Now whilst is great for folk to get out and share the great outdoors and who can blame them after our lockdown.  Still, in theory, in place but now it seems widely ignored….. what now  seems to have become a habit is the  leaving of litter.  It is as if CV19 threat has numbed the brains, it is now a habit and a bad one…. just dump the litter someone else will deal with it!

Now back to the thunder.  Today it has been different.  No warning just a surprise downpour and a rather noisy thunderstorm….   No lightning to speak off  just the noise and rain.  5.30pm and the sky looks like midnight…..


Luckily we had just got home nice and dry.  No matter what the weather give us….

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

14th June

(C) David Oakes 2020

Silent Sunday…… So off to Church


Southwell Minster, Nottinghamshire

At first glance you could be fooled into thinking Southwell Minster was a relatively modern building….those twin spires are very contemporary in style.  In some ways you would be correct and others very wrong.  There was a religious building here in Anglo Saxon times.  Records of a building date to 627 and possibly earlier.  Then in 1108  the Norman’s started a reconstruction programme. I guess the main structure is very much part of that.  But history was to see many other changes and disasters at Southwell.


You do need to google the full history, but in a very simple outline here are some key facts.  In the English Civil War the Minster was much abused, with the nave being used as stabling and other parts of the building as soldier accommodation.  Charles 1st was also capture in Southwell.  Just as the Minster was being restored in 1711, one of the Spires was hit by lightening, the resulting fire caused extensive damage.

1720 repairs again were started,  some suggest that these repairs were very poor.  A new programme of change was started and in 1805   the spires were removed in.  Extensive restoration and architectural changes followed..  The Barrel Vaulting to the nave was added and the then in 1879 the twin spires were erected…… the spires that make Southwell’s exterior so distinctive.

Much of the restoration over the years has maintained its traditional original style, but   sympathetically adding,  a mix of the ancient with a slightly more modern look. All in all Southwell Minster is well worth a visit, as is a serious dig back into its rather troublesome history…… but here is a taster.

The Minster has many great glass windows.  One of the most dramatic windows is one of those more modern additions.   It is known as the Angel Window (or maybe that should be window’s).  Installed in 1996 it is the work of Artist Patrick Reyntiens.   I said dramatic…..  but maybe awe inspiring in design and craftsmanship would be a more fitting  description.


Maybe another location for your bucket list for when times are easier.

In the meantime…

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

14th June

(C) David Oakes 2020