A Very Dull start, some sunshine and lots of bird song


The forecast was for a misty start (again).  That mist seemed to morph into low grey cloud, never threatening rain but not promising  much if any sunshine.

By the time we arrived at lakeside the sun was trying to show itself.  So the occasional bright burst and a misty horizon was to be the way of it for the morning…



So, OK not the brightest of days.  Not though disappointing.

The woodland was dark, but the bird sound was fantastic.   We have all ,I am pretty sure,  have heard of the dawn chorus.   Well at 11.30am that chorus was still adding its charms to the woods.

So here is a short clip, I hope the sound is acceptable and please excuse my rather grabbed attempt to record the woods this morning.

 I hope that give you a taste of the woodland sounds.  I really must start to take video shooting seriously and may be invest in an external microphone for the camera.


Well I made an attempt to capture the bird song…. now I need to capture the woodland scent.  Even the ferns have a magical aroma.

All alone with just the birds and Buster for company.  Dull it maybe, but at least it isn’t raining,  all in all not bad to be out and about.    At this moment in our history I take it as a privilege.

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

17th June

(C) David Oakes 2020