Damp, but not raining….makes a change


Sadly not a Rose from our garden. Just one from a rather nice bouquet which now graces our dining table.  It is about the only bright part of what has been another rather damp day.  Not much rain just a lingering damp.

So hardly surprising that we met few folk on our daily walk.


At least it did keep away those groups of folk who seem to think that the current restrictions didn’t apply to them.   It seemed to be the thing to bring along bags of can and bottles of beer and wine, take away food and other  items, all abandoned as rubbish.

Not everyone of course, but a significant number who made life uncomfortable for the rest.

So today the dog walkers had the Park just about to themselves.  Dogs of course having no concern for the weather, just doing their duty and ensuring their owners were getting some daily exercise.  These dogs do have our best interest at heart…


With plenty of  free space, it also allowed these mums to organise an impromptu ‘Sports Day’ for the kids. After all this is the time in the normal school year for the annual sports day.  I just wish I had the energy of these youngsters……  if their mums were  trying to tire the kids out…they failed


I was rather surprised that the River was not running higher or faster.  We have had over a week of rains. Torrential rains at times.  But whilst the river is higher than it has been of late, it was nowhere near being  over full.  Still the flow over the fish wear was intense and certainly noisy..

It may well have been rather wet… but it hasn’t stopped the Bees from being busy..


It is a short sprint to Mid Summer now, so I do hope we get back to some proper summer weather,  it will be nice to feel that sun again.

But what ever  the weekend weather brings …

Please Remember ….
Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

19th June

(C) David Oakes 2020

ICELAND….. A Country Divided.


Thingvellir National Park

You may be more familiar with scenes of Iceland’s Fjords, or Snow capped mountain ranges and of course the occasional Volcano. But perhaps here at Thingvellir National Park you get a view of what Iceland can look like in the summer…a chance to see the lush green vegetation, the rich green of the trees that seem reluctant to grow to any height (in fact we herd one guide telling his guest ….  that you can never get lost in an Icelandic Forest – if you do then just stand up and you will see over the trees)   You also can see where the green changes to the dark volcanic rock and on up to  snow topped mountains and icefields beyond.

Thingvellir also straddles the gap between the Pan-American and the Eurasian Plates.  In fact you can explore down into this gap which is widening every year.  Only,they reckon, by 2cm each year but they all add up.

The viewpoint I have chosen is also of historic Icelandic importance.  It is here in the outdoors, that the ‘Thing’ the name for their Parliament met every year from  930 until 1798.  It then moved indoors and based in Reykjavik.

I do wonder if we have made progress on the ‘Political Front’.  Just think if our Politicians had to meet outdoors…they may be more adept at making quick decisions.

Finally apologies.  My spelling of Thingvellir is the English adaption as my keyboard does have the appropriate characters to be true to the name

Please Remember ….
Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

19th June

(C) David Oakes 2020