Strange Old World……. Just gets stranger!


A lonely Penstemon….

(more about the Penstemon in a moment)

Yesterday was mid summers day.  June, which is supposed to be busting out all-over.  We didn’t have a sunrise nor did we have a sunset. In fact most of the day was grey. …. till the evening when we did get a chance to see some sunshine.  All in all it turned out to be a rather pleasant end to the day.

Down by the Lake this was about as good as it got….


The Ash Tree’s  across the Buttercup Meadow enjoyed the last of the days sun.

So we woke with great expectations this Monday morning.  Indeed the Woods enjoyed the morning sunshine.

On the woodland floor the new growth of the Bracken and Ferns is to say the least abundant. It also produces a great mix of aromas as it blends with the drying leaves from last autumn….its a distinctive and not unpleasant woodland smell.


Now, back to that Penstemon.    At the moment it is rather lonely, a beacon amongst all the green foliage.   Many of us have said that this is a strange year.  Nothing normal about it.  Apart from CV19 and other global tensions, we had a winter that wasn’t winter (here in middle England that is),  more rain than ever recorded, floods over vast areas.  Then Spring arrived with a mini Heatwave and now into summer and the weather is again all over the place.

In the garden, with the arrival of spring,  the new seasons growth seemed to get off to a great start.  But then it has just stopped, maybe paused is a better word.  All the herbaceous plants are green foliage.  When they do produce flowers they are short and few and far between.   Just in case it was just our garden, yesterday, I went to take a peak at another well managed Herbaceous Garden.  Not sure if I am pleased or not…but at the moment it is looking rather sorry for itself, certainly no better than ours.

Still we did mange to capture some spring blooms…

I have more faith in the natural world to catch up and get back to normal than I have of our Politicians. They just bumble along from one bad decision to another….at least Bumble Bees do know what they are doing


As always…

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

22nd June

(C) David Oakes 2020