Sometimes you don’t get what you wanted….. some might call it a surprise!


This spring we planted a new Clematis, a later summer flowering variety.  The first of the buds have burst and one of the flowers has now revealed itself.

Well we did want a late summer flowering Clematis, but we also wanted a dark rich Red flower…..  This is what we actually bought…


The bloom we have got is still nice bloom, so I guess we will have to try again next spring, find a different location in the garden, and may be we will get lucky.

Sunday has been rather sunny.  Not all day but for the most part blue skies and warm sunshine.  This morning we headed for Big Wood.  It is just over a week since we were last there. In that week the already thick woodland canopy has increased dramatically in density…….  dark, with just the occasional gap in the canopy to let the odd shaft of sunlight reach the woodland floor.

The sun also brought our the Golfers.  It would seem that all restrictions on numbers and time of play have been lifted, all foursomes and all chasing each others tails…  still they are having fun…   not sure they are really playing safe


One last surprise of the day.   I bet you know that feeling when you suddenly feel as if someone or something is silently  watching you.  Well I was sat on the bench at the bottom of our garden, and that feeling came on.  I turned to my right, at first I couldn’t see anything, then a little flicker of wings.  I was being stalked by a Damselfly.  I didn’t dare move, but carefully swung the camera round and click.  No chance to get nearer and he had had enough and was off…


The end of June and so far this July the weather has been rather damp at best and distinctly wet at worst.  So lets hope we have turned another weather corner and  some consistent sunshine is heading our way.  Then we can continue to enjoy all the colours of summer


Whatever the weather…..

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

5th July

(C) David Oakes 2020




Silent Sunday……… Stone Sentinel’s and a Church


Two Stone Sentinels from different era’s,  many generations apart and many generations ago…


The top stone is at Nether Largie and is one of several Standing Stone.  It dates back to Neolithic times.  The image directly above is at Kilmartin Church.  Just a few of the intricately carved Crosses, Grave Markers and Memorial Stones, all dating to a period between 1300ad and the1600’s ad.

These stones can all be found  in Argyll, south of Oban in Kilmartin Glen.  It is just one location in this area of Argyll that is littered with Standing Stones, Burial Mounds and Neolithic and Bonze Age remains and settlements.

 Kilmartin Glen has perhaps the largest location of sites in very close proximity to each other.   Nether Largie is the where you will find many of the Standing Stones, most displaying ‘Cup and Ring’ markings.  They are also surrounded by Cists and Burial Mounds.

Just a short walk away you will find Temple Wood.


Temple Wood is a much more compact and concentrated Neolithic Site.  The standing Stones are also more in the style we know as a ‘Henge’.  I also understand this Henge is on and was intended to mark a burial site.

Although these are two different locations you do tend to link the two together.  But both create an independent atmosphere of their very own.

Nether Largie and Temple Wood are both within sight of Kilmartin Parish Church.  It is this Church that now plays host to the Caved Memorial Stones.  More modern they may be but still of an age.  Many of these stones were not originally from the Church or Kilmartin.  Some have been discovered in the surrounding countryside and brought to Kilmartin for safety over the centuries.  Within the Church you will find two Celtic Crosses and within the grounds of the Church some of the most precious stones have been placed in shelter…open to view but safe from the elements.

Visitors wanting to fine out more can also visit the Kilmartin Museum and Visitor Centre, you will probably come out with your head spinning with new found knowledge.

But before you leave the Church , take a look at the Lunar Dial…. a rather nice modern addition.



Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

5th July

(C) David Oakes 2020