Strange old Summer………..


Crocosmia Lucifer

Some sunshine this afternoon, when it was supposed to be raining.  Our Crocosmia is now starting to flower, glowing in that blast of sunshine.   Dull grey skies this morning when, you have guessed right, it should have been sunny.

So I did try to find some colour in the herbaceous borders at Darley.  I am still surprised that there is not more growth in these borders. I guess it is this years weather mix that has stunted some plants…..  at least we can rely upon the yellows and oranges to brighten the morning…    and just the occasional ‘Blue Note’ to match the feel of the morning


It is here in these gardens at Darley that one of the National Hydrangea Collections is cared for.  It would normally be opening about now.  I understand that it may open in the first week in August…..  not surprising as a spot check this morning was concerning.  Only a few white Hydrangea and the occasional Pink were actually in flower.  Judging the appearance of  the others,  they look along way from producing their big blousy heads.  So we must wait and see…..  maybe they will put on a big growth spurt over the next weeks

Now…  what sort of weather will we enjoy tomorrow – best not listen to the forecast

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

6th July

(C) David Oakes 2020