An Afternoon in the Garden…


Calke Abbey, South Derbyshire

October and a sunny afternoon, well it was sunny yesterday, so we headed to Calke Abbey once again.  This time the destination was not to explore the wide, wild country estate, but the Walled Gardens.

The Walled Gardens were created for pleasure, in the Flower Area. Then to supply food for the House, there is the Vegetable Garden and Orchard and hidden in a dark corner is the underground Icehouse.

The Gardens are hidden from the House by woodland, which also hide the Harpur Crewe Family Church of Saint Giles.

In the summer the Flower garden is overflowing with colour, now that autumn is here much has faded and gone.  Still lots to see, so join us on an afternoon stroll.

I hope the Gardeners are thoughtful and find accommodation for the Scarecrows in a corner of the Garden Shed…after all the nights are getting colder and darker.

We also had an afternoon at the Theatre….  On the Show this afternoon were the Pumpkins and Squashes…..  the cast all coming from the Vegetable Gardens. The show was staged in the Victorian Auricula Theatre.  A great way to use the Theatre now that the summer plants have been returned to the Greenhouse for the winter.


October is always full of surprises as the seasons change, Calke just added to them once again…


Please Remember ….

Stay Safe ….

Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

8th October

(C) David Oakes 2020