A Rather Wet Finish…….


A Bright Start, but only short lived…

Blue sky and sunshine, so todays destination for a leg stretch was Stanton Moor.  Indeed, a bright start as we headed up through the wooded slopes.  Sadly, it wasn’t to last.  As we broke out onto the Moor the skies closed in and we said goodbye to the sun.  


For a short while it was just overcast, a muted glow under the Oak woodland.  


Not long after, the rains swept in. Rain that looked as if it was settled for the rest of the day. 


You have to feel a little sorry for the Sheep that graze these moors….. out all weathers with only a woolly coat for protection.


3 weeks ago, we were here at the Cork Stone.  Shorts and Tea shirts was the order of dress.  Not today, the waterproofs essential…..   Buster was far from impressed.


It may well have turned out more than a little wet, but it was still an invigorating walk, refreshing. Upon reflection…..  if it hadn’t been sunny first thing. we more than likely wouldn’t have headed up to the Moor….. and despite getting rather wet we would have missed a great moorland walk.


Still it was a nice feeling once we were heading 

Once upon a Time we made Plans…….


Evening as we left Isafjordur in Iceland.  It had been another grand day of discovery for us on our first tour of Iceland.   Like many folk used to travelling, we have over the past few months been wondering if we ever will get to go wandering again.   Despite the best efforts of our favourite cruise line, who assure us that there will be more happy days to come, tales of new ships, changed itineraries ready to drop into place….’sometime’ …. it all seems a little like fantasy to dream.

Hard to be positive, but without that ability to travel, near or far, without meeting new people, new cultures, new adventures, we will miss those opportunities to learn, to be stimulated.  Who knows what and when things will get back to some kind of normal, let alone days like the ‘Old Days’ 

Only glad we were able to make so many memories…

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

13th October

(C) David Oakes 2020