Cold and getting Colder….. But we have some Sun


Cold today… well cold for us, though we did reach a dissy 2c by lunchtime.  Not that I was complaining as we enjoyed a lovely winter sun, low with long shadows.  I don’t think it was my imagination, but I thought that it had a warmer glow, than of recent days.

It was also our first day of a new National Lockdown.  The restrictions of late, in our Tier system, just seemed to have been ignored by a large minority, they have made it difficult and at times downright dangerous for others.  Maybe the penny has dropped…..  today on my allowed exercise, one hour and local, I was not having to take avoiding action.  Yep, the Park was not quite, but nearly all my own.

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Just Thinking…….

Hello Reykjavik

Just thinking…..  it was early morning, the sun just rising, the air so crisp and fresh, the sea calm, as we arrived in Reykjavik for an Icelandic Adventure.  It was exciting.

Even if one does try to be positive, I am not sure that Travelling will ever be quite the same for many years to come.

But at least that memory, along with many others, still seem as fresh and as stimulating as the days on which they were created….. and for all those memories and adventures, I am very grateful

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

5th January

(C) David Oakes 2021