TIME PAST……and present!

“Have you an image of an old Sundial?” asked the editor. “preferably on a Church Steeple”….my answer was yes, and it was his lucky day as like all good suppliers, he could have ‘2 for the price of 1’.  Now before you admire my generosity you better view the picture.


Both Sundials date to the 18th century and the inscription on the one to the right reads Lux Umbra Dei translated as ‘light is the shadow of God’.

The Sundials can be found on the same steeple of Saint Andrews Church, Naunton, Gloucestershire.


The church built of golden Cotswold stone dates back to the 15th century, but like most churches of that era replaces an even older Saxon church and lies in the heart of a Cotswold village and ancient Gloucestershire farming community.

I have few notes so can tell you little more about its history other than to add that it is well worth a visit………particularly on a late summers evening when the stone work glows at its best and the church yard has an ethereal golden light.


















25th JUNE

15 thoughts on “TIME PAST……and present!

  1. Incredibleto see somthing built so long ago. I love that last photo with the gate and filtered light through it, and the cross/headstone in the background and the other headstones off to the right. Something very peaceful about it.


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  3. Looks a lovely and inviting church inside and outside too, especially with the lit-up cemetery (I’d like to think the light lands on those gravestones of those who have gone to Heaven….just my imagination at play). Sundials aren’t something we see much here, unfortunately. Lovely pix.


  4. Does one show GMT and the other New York time? I´m a fan of old English churchyards, in fact cemeteries in general. One can learn so much from them. But I also think that it might be a product of advancing age – sort of sussing out the plot!
    Lovely shots!


  5. I have an affinity for gates for some reason, and this last photo is just spectacular. It seems like there should be a novel somewhere attached to this image. Thank you so much for posting.


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