Naked…but still as shapely


Just another sunny December morning……. and the trees may be bare, just skeletons awaiting the new clothes of spring, but just as lovelly.

Our good fortune with the weather continues for another day.

10th December

(C) David Oakes 2019

Silent Sunday…..Off to Church


Martindale, Cumbria

I have always loved this rustic Church tucked away in Martindale, above Ullswater in the Lake District.  Known as the ‘Old Chapel’ it is a very simple, but still an interesting  stone construction.  Comprising of a Porch, Bell Cote and one stone flagged room.

There is mention in local records dating back to 1220 but it is suspect that the Church, or religious building was located here before then. It was modified in the 1660’s and then re-roofed in the 1800’s.  I think it was the modifications in the 1660’s when the stone floor was installed…..prior to that it was a simple earth floor. The simple exterior is matched by and equally simple interior.

Being located part way down a narrow valley, surrounded by high hills, it is today a place of tranquillity and peace.

8th December

(C) David Oakes 2019

Strange old Weather Swings


We have had a couple of days when we woke to frost…. not heavy frosts but enough to add some white to the vegetation.  So winter is here….or is it?

This morning we woke to 1c reading on the thermometer, about right for the frost.  It is now 5.45pm and the thermometer has climbed to 13c and the forecaster predict that overnight it might just reach 14c. Now that is odd for a Winters night in December, and from dawn till dusk, that is quite some swing…… as I said “strange old weather swings”.

7th December

(C) David Oakes 2019