Windy… well a gale really but still rather nice


 Honey Suckle is going to be the star of the garden over the next week or so…… that is if todays gale force winds don’t cause any damage.

Despite the wind, the days ‘exercise’ was still fun, made in yet another day of glorious sunshine.


The Rufus Oak, that had been slow to sport its new spring green head of leaf, is now doing its best to hang onto those leaves in these winds.

We are lucky that we have several parks near to home.  Again we are in Darley Park.  At one time it was the grounds of a large family house…. not a stately home, we have plenty of those in Derbyshire, but the home of  a prominent Mill Owner and Industrialist.  So much of the Park reflects the open ‘pleasure grounds’, sloping ground that show off some well planted fine trees to their best.  It is also flanked on one side by the River Derwent and lush river banks.  Parts of the Park have been allowed to return to meadow ….so we have a varied space to walk…

The much gnarled tree above is a Mulberry Bush….. not sure just how old it is but maybe 200 plus years.  In deference to its age, it has for some time,  been supported by some well places props.  Each winter we wait to see if it will survive, it holds us in suspense in early spring.. then virtually overnight the leaves appear.  Come September there should be some of the rich burgundy coloured berries.

It is Friday.  On a normal Summer Friday  the ground staff would be  busy getting the Cricket Pitch ready for the weekend matches…. as we know we live in a very different world, so for the time being the Sight Screens remain safely parked  in waiting.


Until things change for the better…..

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

22nd May

(C) David Oakes 2020

2 thoughts on “Windy… well a gale really but still rather nice

    1. Sue… We are so lucky and all within walking distance…. In the current lockdown, it’s great. Then the bonus will come back again one day when a short drive will take us up into the Peak. The thing we laugh at is, when we moved to Derby some 42 years ago, was based upon the decision that it was a temporary move 2 or 3 years max. We didn’t think for one minute we would like it here. It’s growing on us. 😊


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