17 thoughts on “Block Editor

  1. I still have the option in WP Admin to use the Classic Editor. When I click the Add Post tab it allows me to select Classic Editor or Block Editor. WP will continue supporting the old editor through 2021. Also, I believe paid accounts can add the Classic Editor plugin.


      • I use classic as well. Otherwise I would have quit. They seem to enjoy making things more difficult. All you do is go to go to classic edit, under the post you want to add, after you go to ALL POSTS. Once there, go to the top where it says add new and click on the inverted pyramid. A wee two line thing drops down and the bottom one is classic…so press that and you’re back to normal…whatever that is, sigh.


  2. It really makes no sense what WP have done. I see the Trustpilot reviews are gradually going down hill. The 5 star reviews are currently at 55%. Perhaps when it falls below 50% they may start taking some notice. They state “Typically replies to negative reviews in 1 month.” Also “Has replied to 21% of their negative reviews.” Tells a story.


  3. We can still get into Classic if we go to the administrative option on our dashboard (or wherever, you probably know what this neo-Luddite means) and then tap onto All Posts, where there’s a small New Post tab somewhere up above in the left. Tap on the down arrow there, and you’ll find a choice for Classic.
    Voila! Merci!
    Use it liberally before They discover We’re onto it. Definitely has a lot more control than its alternative, and is much, much easier for scheduling draft posts ahead, as I do. Not that I’m their model demographic or website designer.
    Apart from a little extra flexibility (maybe) regarding the width of photos and other visual elements, I see no advantage to the new and improved Coke. (Err, whatever happened to that anyway, before it fizzled out?)
    And here I’ve really loved WordPress for its ease over the past nine years.


  4. I fully share your opinion, and I’m pretty sure there must be thousands and thousands out there now struggling.
    What also is eating me is that when people by the hundreds choose to give in and terminate or move their blogs elsewhere, I lose ‘followers’ – many being good friends over a long time!
    So far my ‘backdoor’ is working! Let us keep in contact in case we have to find another as times go by.


  5. The feeling seems to be pretty much unanimously mutual. Does anyone know why they decided to phase out the version that so many find perfectly agreeable and try to replace it (I don’t think “update” can be considered the right word) without consulting us, the faithful users and followers? Perhaps they want us all to move up to a paid version so that we can get the “new” plugin when (and if) they pull the rug out from under our virtual feet?

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  6. I hate it, too! Jnana’s explanation works and is how I post. I was so frustrated that I started a chat with tech support and they guided me to this method, so they’re not really trying to hide it from us. It is crazy that we have to jump through so many hoops!


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