September 1st….Its Official–Summers Over!

Meteorically summer is over and to-day is the first day of autumn….but I guess no one has told the natural world of the change.  It is also official that we in the U.K. have enjoyed the hottest, driest and sunniest summer since 2006 …and boy, after such a wet autumn, winter and spring it was much needed and very welcome. Certainly the garden has flourished but there have been a few surprises……


We have rather taken for granted all the flowers and shrubs that have flourished for our enjoyment, gracing the garden with their colours and shapes.  In fact what has really caught our eye have been those plants that usually thrive and flower in abundance but this year have struggled.  Sweet Pea, for our garden, is one such plant.  Lots of healthy green foliage but the blooms have been a rarity…so like all things rare the few that have blossomed have been much prized.

At the moment I have the feeling that summer will be with us for awhile yet….I hope so.  Then we have all the autumnal colours to look forward to welcoming to our gardens and woodland.  Enjoy.

1st September

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10 thoughts on “September 1st….Its Official–Summers Over!

  1. I am really happy to report that we still have three more weeks of official summer, as the first day of autumn falls on the autumnal equinox, which comes on September 22. Be that as it may, today is much cooler with a steady onshore wind. Meteorological seasonal deadlines are arbitrary, after all, and Mother Nature will do as she pleases and have her way with us all. I’m ready for whatever she may decide to bring.


    • I am glad you realised I spoke with ‘tongue in cheek’…..I do hate how ‘Those in Charge’ always want to change everything. Thankfully Mother Nature does her own thing. Just imagine if the EU had the brain wave to metricate time…each day to have 10 hours, each hour 10 minutes and each minute 10 seconds!! Enjoy the summer whilst you can..Best wishes


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