The Mist has gone…its warmer BUT the mist has been replaced by lingering Fog


The weather forecaster tell us the weekend will be better…maybe even some sun. But in the meantime we have been left with fog.  Fog that lingers all day creeping damp cold into all the bones.


Fog does have one benefit…it smothers most of the sounds of daily life.  Distant rumbles of traffic are no more, the sound of planes heading north and south pass silently.  But very strangely the sound of the birds across the woods seemed amplified…. and no its not my imagination that bird song sounds very much like the song of Spring.

So until that promised sunshine arrives we just have to enjoy the ghostly skeletons in the wet clouds….


And as dusk falls the fog just gets thicker


25th January

(C) David Oakes 2020

Cold, misty….. and some frost


“Where sheep may safely graze….”

The mornings mist gave an extra air of calm to day…. frost was sparse, but even so the sheep did there best to graze in the areas where the sun had started to melt the frost and no doubt welcoming some warmth on their fleeces after a cold night in the open.

The month moves on and whilst the days seem to get just that little longer, the sun remains low, cutting through the woodland mists and lighting the Pines

It may only have been a thin covering of frost, but it lingered far longer than I expected creating a great contrast between meadow, shadows and the black skeletons of the Ash Trees.

It was indeed cold, well colder than most days this winter.  Cold enough to form Ice on parts of the Lake but for the most part it remained clear…


One thing you can be sure of…if there are Black Headed Gull around then there will be lots of noise and trouble….and there was…


Away from the Lake peace soon returned….


If our forecasters are correct, then that is the last good day for awhile, even high winds and heavy rains over the weekend….. as always we will see 🙂

23rd January

(C) David Oakes 2020

Lens Artist Photo Challenge. LINES


The topic is ‘leading lines’ so here are two images.  This top one was shot in the early morning sun yesterday….. and I guess a classic leading you in set of lines.  But in this instance maybe the photograph is of the lines themselves as opposed to where they take you.

The second image was taken some 3 years ago when we used to get snow in January.  Here the lines form horizontal  steps to the back ground…


Two ideas for Tina’s weekly challenge….. Here is the link to the blog:-

21st January

(C) David Oakes 2020

Question…. is it Autumn or Winter ?


Morning sun soon welted the overnight frost but its warmth also started to draw the moisture from the ground to form a low level mist.

It could also fool you whilst walking in the woods that it was really autumn and not the 20th of January and winter….


Any early morning ice soon vanished from the Lake now all calm…


All said and done, days like this,  do make you wonder just what has happened to our historical seasonal expectations.

21st January

(C) David Oakes 2020