Sunday….maybe we should go to Church

Tarr Steps, Dulverton

There is something about an old church or cathedral that creates a unique ambience no matter if you are religiously motivated or not.  Somewhere away from everyday noise with its hustle and bustle, somewhere that calms the spirit, somewhere that has a feel all of its own.  This is All Saints Church at Selworthy, Somerset situated on a high hill above the village, sheltered from the sea on one side but giving expansive views over Exmoor.  The interior feels spacious, deceptively so. Perhaps it is the high wooden ceiling and tall windows that creates that impression.  But from the outside you get a better impression of its size, creatively built into the slope,  a landmark seen for miles around…


All Saints was built in the 15th c, though if I recall correctly, the tower is earlier dating from the 14th c.  Typical of this part of Somerset the church has a Limewashed exterior which picks up the evening glow.  I suppose it is the fact that people have found this church of importance to them for over 600 years that adds to that spiritual feel….a place where one can feel the history of those who have gone before.

9th February

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6 thoughts on “Sunday….maybe we should go to Church

  1. Beautiful old church, the carving on the choir stalls (I think) looks wonderfully intricate. That is one thing I felt in most places in the countryside of England – the heavy weight of all who had walked that earth before. I’ll swear (if I was a swearing person) that there is not one inch of English soil that has not felt the hand/foot of man. The history that has soaked into the land is palpable.


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