September Continues to Charm us……


It does seem as if September is falling into a weather pattern. Dull starts to the morning give way to sunshine whilst temperatures remain above the seasonal averages. In another two or three weeks the sun will have moved lower in its orbit, that together with a loss of leaf coverage will change the entire look of the woodland. Until then we can watch and enjoy the gradual change of colours in our woods, each day the autumn colours are becoming more noticeable blending with the thick rich green foliage of the ferns and bracken. Add to the visual pleasures of September the woodland autumnal scents of early decay and fungi and the move into autumn proper cannot be far away.

There should be no rush on a woodland walk, pause and enjoy…..a sentiment Carla takes very seriously 16at15

17th September (C) David Oakes 2014

3 thoughts on “September Continues to Charm us……

  1. Mornin’ David! 🙂

    What fab photos once again. Autumn is the season of really wonderful photos and of course colours and smells.

    Weather forecast here is that right now a depression is seeteling over the very South of our country (and Belgium and a bit of Germany too) and that it started to rain down there. They think that by next week the warm ‘Indian Summer’ will be over. Temperatures back to normal: about 18º C. With some rain en wind. Hopefully, you lot will not get it until the end of September.

    Carla is being the wisest. This way she can observe Autumn from close by…. 😀

    Have a great day and will you please pet both your dogs from me?


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