Weekly Photo Challenge – Muse

Our Lake…across the Seasons

My contribution to this Weeks Photo Challenge:- https://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_photo_challenge/muse/

Not the biggest Lake nor is it in the most dramatic setting…but its our Lake. Our Lake, in so much as we pass it everyday as we head off for ‘walkies’ with our 4 legged friends. It is where we head when we return from ‘more exotic’ locations,  indeed it is a friend to say ‘hello’ to as if it was missing us.

So it isn’t an intentional ‘Muse’ as indicated in this weeks Photo Challenge….more an accidental ‘Muse’…simply because it is there, it is in away, a constant in our lives.

29th June
(C) David Oakes 2015

9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Muse

  1. The wheel of the year in splendid fotographs. Absolutely fabulous to see Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter follow eachother up and then again on to Spring. The wheel keeps turning. Nature at its very best.

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  3. somehow missed this one. these are stunning landscapes in the various seasons! the last image of the snow on the lake is just lovely 🙂 love the ones with the mist and fog as well. But then, they are all wonderful!!

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