November 1st….and its Spectacularly Good


Dwarf Hosta

November 1st….and as we have not had any seasonal frosts as yet the Hosta is still in flower.

Nor is it alone, our Pin Head Chrysanthemums are also providing a colourful and welcome display


Pin Head Chrysanthemum

Even the Chives in the herb pot are sporting some splendid flower heads, true I should have removed these to help promote the herbs but at this time in the season I say ‘good luck’ to them and thanks for the added interest to the garden



But I also guess that this lone and tightly wrapped Rose head will not manage to open out into full blossom, warm as it is I fear it is not enough to coax the rose into full flower…..but you never know….


Rose (variety unknown)

The day had started with seasonal mist which just added to the charm of the woods even though the sun had yet to break through…..the joys of autumn.


Big Wood, Allestree

1st November

(C) David Oakes 2015

8 thoughts on “November 1st….and its Spectacularly Good

    • Surprised we haven’t had frost yet. Often the evening is clear and temperatures drop but by dawn we have cloud cover and temperatures have risen. The Met officer reckon (if you believe them) that we are in for a record high temperature November! We will see…..then of course there is that bit of country folklore that suggests the rest of Winter will match Novembers weather. But what ever I guess that tight wrapped Rose of ours ain’t going to open.

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        • That is true..2 weeks ago the Met Office was indeed reported as giving those dire predictions…with minus 15c at times in November and may be a White Christmas. Yet this Saturday several papers were saying that the Met Office was forecasting that we were in for a November of record high temperatures… who knows!?

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  1. I spotted brand new Daisy’s peaking out from underneath the fallen leaves. 🙂 It’s glorious here as well although temperatures will be lower next week that they were last week. THEIR (the wizards of the weather) think about 14º instead of 16º… I think I can live with that. 🙂

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    • The longer it stays in sunny autumn more the better and delay the start of winter…….however this morning there is a change, very mild still but foggy and doesn’t look like lifting anytime soon. (-:


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