Catching Up…..


The White Castle, Monmouthshire

The weather has been pretty awful for the past week so I have been catching up on various office duties that have rather been hanging fire.

Whilst sorting through some images for another project I came across this one from a few years back that I had forgotten all about.

It is of The White Castle hidden away in a valley near to Llantilio Crossenny in Monmouthshire, South Wales;  just to the north of the Brecon Beacons.  

Origins of the castle date back to 13th century and it was originally known as Llantilio Castle.  Look closely at the stone walls and you can detect areas of white for at one time the castle walls were painted white…hence the name change.

I have only ever been once to this location which is rather surprising as if I recall that immediate area was rather magical and I guess demanded much more exploration.

Best do some more catching up!

20th November

(C) David Oakes 2015