We have to try


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“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke
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My comment:-   Having encouraged you to Blog and link to Facebook I must admit to being ashamed at witnessing so many bigoted statements in comments and discussions.
For many of us terrorist wars may be far away, yet this hatred harboured nearer to home is no solution. It is even more shameful that some World (and would be’s) Politicians seek to make personal political capital from these events stocking up hatred even more rather than finding real solutions.
Peace and Hope…….    a seasonal message that never seems to date
23rd November
(C) David Oakes 2015

7 thoughts on “We have to try

  1. Politicians and learning? I’m afraid that won’t work, David. The call for peace however, is one I cannot ignore and wholeheartedly support. In my country too many people blame all muslims for what daesh and other creepy terrorists organisations are doing. Of course, that is way too easy and lazy thinking. There are almos 1,7 billion muslims in this world. Most of them are peaceful and good people, just like with us. Not all christians are as nice and friendly as we hope for. We have to see them as human beings with faults. But I wonder whether we can stop deash (IS) without having to kill most of them. And I feel terrible to say this. From my religion I would like to send you blessings. You and Uncle Spike: Blessed Be.


    • I am not religious in that I do not wish to follow a so called Christian faith organisation….Why because I have felt for a long time that many so called Christians fail to act like Christians. But I do believe in (and I hope) and act with a Christian spirit just like so many Muslims I know do. What really worries me is the cranking up of rhetoric by some Politicians for their own gain…..likewise with the Media which is now too powerful and controlled by so few individuals. But we must continue to hope and I trust show compassion.


      • Goodness comes from within. You can learn about it, but if that would work I doubt. I agree with you about the rethoric all around us. We seem to be at war but I cannot recall having put my name under those horrible words.

        I just read that when masses of people all pray for peace it could happen. Now there would be the very best Christmas present ever, I think… I’m in… 🙂

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